On Thursday, Jan 19th, 2011, from  5:30-7pm, Slow Money NC had a lively and fun public gathering at Zaytoon Restaurant, in Greensboro She provided us with a delicious feast, and we filled almost every chair.

Here’s what the flyer that advertised the gathering had to say:

What do these terms have in common: Slow Food, Slow Money, locavore, locavesting, and foodshed? They are all about rethinking the connection between local food producers, consumers, and money. Learn more about Slow Money NC and its goal to connect Greensboro’s food producers and local lenders. Suggested donation: $10 for refreshments. Contact Stephen Johnson for more details: slowmoneygso [at] or (three-three-six) 275-1781

It worked. Carol Hewitt gave a short talk about the history and success of Slow Money in North Carolina, and several folks shared their ideas – what they could do if they just had the capital.

Steve Tate from Goat Diary gave an inspiring speech about the crucial importance of this work we do from our local economy.

Already people have sent in the “Pledge Form” showing their interest in becoming Slow Money lenders – totaling $35,000.

Watch for news of the first Slow Money NC Greensboro loan coming soon!