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  Making Investments that Align with Your Values, a day long workshop led by Marco Vangelisti on November 15th, at RambleRill farm outside Chapel Hill, NC.

Early bird tickets on sale until Oct 15.  Details, agenda, time, more about Marco and TICKETS here.


Creating change in the world doesn’t have to be overwhelming or difficult – you can simply start here.

Since 2010, more than 200 people have made 300+ low-interest loans and equity investments to finance 116 local and organic farm and food enterprises in North Carolina, totaling over $4 million!

We know it’s important to invest in the future we all want to live in and a healthy local food system is an ideal place to start. But HOW?

Through gatherings, coaching, learning, lending, and caring – Slow Money NC is making it happen. We can show you how.


Aaron Carpenter used a Slow Money loan to winterize his produce stand.

•  Read about the sustainable farmers and local food entrepreneurs who have received Slow Money NC loans.

• Learn how to get a Slow Money NC loan,

•  And how to become a potential Slow Money lender,

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For each dollar donated, we are able to turn that into fifty dollars loaned to small food enterprises!  Please help.

We are a small non-profit, and donations are how we keep this project alive. Monthly sustaining donations are critical.

Deep thanks for your slow money turtle logo2interest in sustainable agriculture, community finance, and local food.

~  Carol Peppe Hewitt
Slow Money NC Executive Director, and the Slow Money NC team

Slow Money NC Disclaimer – the important not so small print….
Slow Money events are not an offer to sell securities nor a solicitation of an offer to buy securities. Slow Money NC does not give investment advice, endorsement, analysis or recommendations with respect to any securities and is not a broker, venture fund or an investment advisor.