Creating change in the world doesn’t have to be overwhelming or difficult – you can simply start here.

Since 2010, more than 200 people have made 320+ low-interest loans and equity investments to finance 135 local and organic farm and food enterprises in North Carolina, totaling nearly $5 million!

We get that it’s important to invest in the future we all want to live in and a healthy local food system is an ideal place to start.  But HOW?  That’s where we come in.

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Slow Money NC Disclaimer – the important not so small print….
Slow Money events are not an offer to sell securities nor a solicitation of an offer to buy securities. Slow Money NC does not give investment advice, endorsement, analysis or recommendations with respect to any securities and is not a broker, venture fund or an investment advisor. 
We are a small non-profit with two part-time staff who have created an awesome network of people in NC who care about sustainable agriculture, community finance, and local food ~ and making them all more viable and resilient by moving some money around and having fun in the process.
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Let’s fix the economy from the ground up, starting with food.

Do you agree that your health, the economy’s health and the environment’s health would all be significantly improved if there were a million new small and mid-sized organic farms in the United States?  Join in and let’s get started!

Why do we need Slow Money NC?

Alfred at the Farmer's Market

Many of us have a variety of investments which travel the globe at the speed of light and have no relationship to us, or to the products we use, or to our local communities.

We think we need to change that.

With Slow Money NC our money comes back home where it can do a great deal of good, and back down to earth. Here’s how.

Slow Money NC lets you reconnect with a portion of the money that you entrusted to strangers in faraway places and, instead, help build a more local, durable economy from the soil up!  When you make a loan to a farmer or other local food enterprises so they can expand and flourish, you can truly enjoy the fruits of their labor.

If we each invested just 1% of our portfolios in enhancing our local food systems, the change would be extraordinary. Our money could quickly go to work enriching our lives, instead of the lives of faraway bankers and businesses. When thousands of people do something, even something small, it can make a very big difference.

If you include “meaning” in your investment metric, you will find making Slow Money loans offers insanely wonderful returns.

By facilitating low interest loans to local food businesses we can all enhance our local food shed and enrich our community.

It’s easy. To date about 200+ folks in North Carolina who want to build resilience in their local food economy have made loans or investments to local, sustainable food and farming businesses. Since 2010 they have made  more than 300 low-interest loans – totaling nearly $5 million – supporting 130 sustainable farmers and local food enterprises throughout the state!

Slow Money groups are forming throughout North Carolina. Let us connect you to the one in your area, or help you get one started!

A Taste of Tasch

Slow Money by Woody Tasch“This enterprise that we are a part of, with its new organic farmers and the host of small food enterprises that are emerging to bring their produce to market, is about an economy that does less harm…. It’s about pulling some of our money out of ever-accelerating financial markets and its myriad abstractions — called, with more than a little irony, securities — and putting it to work near where we live, in things that we understand, starting with food — creating a more immediate and tangible kind of security.”

from Inquiries into the Nature of Slow Money, by Woody Tasch


Nearly 5 million dollars in loans and counting – UP, that is!

Since Slow Money NC began in 2010, we have facilitated over 200 loans totaling nearly $5M to 135+ local food businesses and farms around the state.  Here are the first 70 projects – the rest will be added soon!

Loans made to farms.

Loans made to restaurants & specialty food businesses.

Other loans that support a reilient foodshed.

A few examples of the kinds of projects that seek Slow Money capital are listed on the Potential Slow Money Projects page.


We don’t charge fees to the lenders or to the borrowers we serve, so we rely entirely on donations to do this important work.

Every week we search out new lenders, and sustainable farmers who need capital find us.  And we connect them.  Again, and againall year long.

We are the only resource ~ that can easily help you add local-farm/food-advocacy-style altruism to your portfolio. 

And for the farmers ~ we are often the only place they can find capital that is crucial to keeps them going and growing.

We need to continue doing this – but it’s up to you.


For each dollar donated, we are able to turn that into thirty dollars loaned to small food enterprises! 

That’s an extraordinary and powerful multiplier!
Your contribution has impact!

Donate to the Slow Money NC General Fund


are especially important.   Please click above and check the “MONTHLY” option to become a Sustainer so we can count on the funds we need to keep this project going.

Every dollar counts. Your local farmers, local eaters, the fertile topsoil, and our precious planet all thank you!

Donations to Slow Money NC and SOIL NC are considered  charitable donations and allowable as a tax deduction according to the IRS.

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Bobby & Tracy Outlaw, Premier Cakes, Raleigh, NC


Thank you for your interest in Slow Money NC.

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