2016 Annual Report

slide1Be the change. How can we create the world we all want to live in? It’s simple. We invest in people we know, in things we care about, in the place where we live – starting with food.

And you did. Through listening and caring, meetings and coaching, Slow Money NC has steered well over $3M to help launch and grow nearly 100 small food enterprises since 2010 right here in NC.  

In 2016 over fifty (50) Slow Money lenders/investors, stepped up and supported:

  • eight small farms expansions,
  • a meadery and a beer coop,
  • a bakery and an empanada business,
  • three community-focused farm-to-table restaurants,
  • a fast-growing local frozen fruit company
  • and a value-added sauce business.

The low-interest peer-to-peer loans and equity investments that helped 17 small food enterprises totaled approximately $640,000.

It’s about the people…
Numbers are just numbers. What really matters is the people, and the progress we are making to grow more local food.

For every $1 donated
to Slow Money NC in 2016,  $50 flowed to local small food enterprises in North Carolina. That’s an impressive multiplier!  Please donate what you can and we promise to make sure that every dollar does a lot of good!

Join Slow Money NC and be part of this meaningful and powerful shift to an equitable, sustainable, healthy local food economy!


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