Ninth Street Bakery Gathering is Big News

We had a full house at Ninth Street Bakery last Wednesday night!  In addition to the twenty or so people from Durham, folks came from Alamance, Orange, Chatham, Wake, Cabarrus, Franklin and Mecklenburg counties! We even pulled in a guest speaker from Washington, DC.  The excitement about Slow Money NC really is growing as Andrea said so well in Mouthful, her News & Observer food blog. The piece is titled “Slow Money Showing Growth” and well worth a read!

“Slow Money NC”, Andrea writes,  “reminds me why I love the Triangle’s vibrant local food scene. The demand for local food is so high that we add farmers markets every year. Farm-to-table restaurants thrive as well as farm-to-table food trucks, and you can sign up for weekly deliveries of local vegetables, meat, cheese, seafood and even soup. People aren’t just supporting the scene with their appetites; they are opening their wallets even further.”

Andrea is such an asset to the local food movement in the Triangle. And she’s right. People are supporting their local food scene.  And it’s making a difference.

Frank Ferrell, owner and baker extraordinaire, talked about the deck he plans to build, his new locally made kombucha, and plans for more events and extended hours.  It sounded like a great idea and he rustled up support from several new Slow Money lenders.

The Durham Herald ran a story about our gathering as well.  Frank isn’t smiling in their picture, but after the meeting he certainly was.

Marc Dreyfors also had an idea to showcase at the same event. He plans to covert a couple of used Duke transit buses to help promote local food. He got a Slow Money loan to purchase one that he plans to use for farm tours, and he may get another to convert into a mobile farmers’ market.

A story about his Greenway Transit business ran in the Durham paper yesterday.

We’re getting attention, we’re making loans almost every week, and we’re happy.  Little by little, one local farm and food business at a time, we digging a deeper, healthier local foodshed.

Bakery, Booch, and Sustainable Business Showcase Event!

Wednesday, March 7th, 6 – 8PM
Come join us at Ninth Street Bakery
to hear about three great new Slow Money NC projects that are happening in Durham!

Bull City Booch Glass

 6PM  Slow Money NC Entrepreneur Showcase
Ninth Street Bakery is expanding! They want to add a deck to hold events, serve beer, hard cider and ‘Bull City Booch,’ their delicious NEW locally made Kombucha!  We are looking for several people to make affordable, short-term loans that total $30,000 to make this happen.  Owner, Frank Ferrell has worked for decades to make Durham a better place. This is our chance to give back, investing locally where it really matters. 
The second project is with Greenway Transit in Durham. They just received a Slow Money NC loan to purchase a used transit bus to be used to run local farm tours. They hope to purchase a second bus and convert it to a mobile farmers’ market. They need $5000 to make this happen. Homegrown City Farms just received a Slow Money NC loan to build an urban farm on 1/4 acre in E. Durham and is now signing up CSA members. Come learn how to get more Slow Money moving fast in Durham!

Then enjoy a supper of local food and drink and meet Bryan.

7PM Guest Speaker – Bryan McGannon, Campaign Coordinator for the American Sustainable Business Council in Washington, DC

During a light supper of local food and drink, (including local cheeses from nearby Reliable Cheese Company) Bryan will inform attendees as to how North Carolina sustainable businesses and organizations can collaborate to build a more vibrant, just, and sustainable local and national economy. Like Slow Money NC the ASBC supports innovative financing solutions to transform our economy while working to shape public policy in that direction.

7:30 Networking and ‘Bull City Booch’ tasting
Enjoy this chance to network with like-minded farmers, foodies, fellow sustainable business owners and try the Booch! Beer, cider, juices and desserts available as well.

Frank serves up some Bull City Booch
Frank discusses his new expansion plans with Carol over a glass of Booch!

 We are excited to get these more Slow Money moving in Durham!    

Get engaged in moving our minds and our money from faraway investments to our local food economy.  Start right here, right now!   
.   Sign the  Slow Money Principles today.
2.   Become a member of  Slow Money.  Your dues help up expand our reach deeper in the soil, throughout NC and beyond. (please note the drop down menu that allows you to designate half your dues to Slow Money NC!)
3.  Sign up to make a Slow Money loan to a local food business in your area. Enter a pledge amount and we will contact you if we have projects in your area requesting a loan.
4.  Let us know if have a viable local food business idea that’s needs capital.

Come join us on March 7th at Ninth Street Bakery, and help us raise the loan money we need for these exciting Durham local food projects!

Thanks for your support and caring of our local foodshed and the people it feeds.