We don’t charge fees to the lenders or to the borrowers we serve, so we rely entirely on donations to do this important work.

We have built a growing network of potential lenders and sustainable farmers and local food business owners who need capital.  And we connect them.  Again, and againall year long.

We are the only resource ~ that can easily help you add local-farm/food-advocacy-style altruism to your portfolio and give you have a direct relationship to the people good you are supporting doing in your community.

For the farmers we are often the only place they can find capital that is crucial to keeps them going and growing.

We need to continue doing this important work – but it’s up to you.


For each dollar donated, we are able to turn that into thirty dollars loaned to small food enterprises! 

That’s an extraordinary and powerful multiplier!
Your contribution has impact!

Donate to the Slow Money NC General Fund


are especially important.   Please click above and check the “MONTHLY” option to become a Sustainer so we can count on the funds we need to keep this project going.

Every dollar counts. Your local farmers, local eaters, the fertile topsoil, and our precious planet all thank you!

Donations to Slow Money NC and SOIL NC are considered  charitable donations and allowable as a tax deduction according to the IRS.

Premier Cakes Bobby and Tracy Outlaw.cropped
Bobby & Tracy Outlaw, Premier Cakes, Raleigh, NC