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Slow Money NC is proud to announce a new SOIL FUND PROJECT ~ AND WE KNOW YOU WILL WANT TO BE A PART OF IT!


In March, 2020 we received a request from Kisha Jeffries of Handèwa Farms. They had been gifted one acre of farmland, in residence at Respite in the Round near Oxford, NC, where they have begun farming. But the house on the property was a separate parcel, and in order to purchase it, and be able to live at the farm they needed financial help. In her Borrower Information Form she told us:

Handèwa Farms is a minority, women-led farm desiring to improve the quality of life for others. As an Afro-Indigenous led farming effort, the collective is comprised of members genuinely dedicated to farming, as well as providing access to fresh, quality food to insecure households and communities. In addition to our coop farming efforts, we have the amazing opportunity of acquiring the house that is on the same land as Handèwa Farms, which is also the land that my ancestors once lived on. Returning to this land and being able to purchase this home is the continuing of my tribe’s legacy. As a member of the Occaneechi band of the Saponi Nation, we have been gifted the opportunity to return to land we once occupied to live, thrive, teach others to farm, and farm on the land to create usable, biodegradable resources and foods for many families across NC.”

The brick ranch on the property, that was initially not for sale, is now available. It is surrounded on three sides by Handèwa Farms, an indigenous and women-led farming collective. The house would become home to Kisha, and her five children ~ two of whom are leaders and farmers in the Handèwa Farms collective. The purchase price is very reasonable and this house will be the heart center of the project.

Since it’s inception, Slow Money NC has been committed to helping those individuals and groups who are too often unable to secure financing. We have found lenders for dozens of small farmers and local food businesses that traditional lenders won’t help and too often, overtly or covertly, discriminate against. This time we want to go a step further, and use the SOIL Fund to raise $25,000 in donations to make a one-time SOIL Fund grant to Kisha for the down-payment on the purchase of this farmhouse. This is not a loan. It’s a gift. And it is one that she and her family and the other Black and Indigenous people in this collective deserve. It means they can own this home, and keep it in their family for generations to come.

Kisha will very likely still need to incur debt to mortgage much of the cost of this house, but we can ease that burden considerably with this grant from her community, from we who believe it’s important for this land to return to the descendants of the indigenous people who once lived there.

Can you help us make this happen and contribute to the SOIL NC Fund to help Kisha buy this house?

There’s two ways to donate:


1.  Click above to make an online donation to the SOIL NC Fund. The card processing company will take a % in fees.

2.  We welcome your check to save on those processing fees, particularly if it is large donation
Please make the check out to:
Mail your check to :
Slow Money NC
c/o Carol Hewitt,
424 Johnny Burke Rd.
Pittsboro, NC  27312

If you would like to learn more or have questions, please email Slow Money NC.

For more about Handèwa Farms, visit their website.

the not-so-fine print: All donations are tax-deductible. Slow Money NC retains 10% of all donations for website expenses, staff hours for fund-raising, donor services, social media fees, etc. etc.

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