~ Guernsey Girl Creamery ~

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Ashley & Dustin McMurry
3426 Bridges Dairy Rd, Shelby, NC  28150
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How did you hear about Slow Money NC?
Gerry Cohen regional organic valley rep.
Carol Maxwell farmers market manager

Tell us your story. Who are you? What is your business idea? Tell us your plan. Feel free to get into the details.
Guernsey Girl Creamery is a micro dairy located North of Shelby NC. We are 4th generation dairy farmers. In 2010 my family unfortunately decided to sell the herd due to low milk prices. I (Ashley) decided to keep several cows and heifers and create a micro creamery. With the help of a Rafi Grant we were able to get started making cheese. We’ve been in business going on 8 years and we are the point of needing to expand. In order to that we need to purchase more milk cows in order to make more cheese to meet our markets demand. The revenue produced off the new cows will help us tremendously.

Please briefly describe your commitment to sustainable food systems in North Carolina.
We work hard to feed the members in our community with wholesome dairy products. It’s important that we keep our costs obtainable for our rural customers so we can continue doing what we love. People in rural areas don’t always have access to local sustainable food and we feel it’s important to provide that.

What will your sales be? What do you anticipate your profits/your margins will look like? How will you make the money to pay this loan back?
Right now we averaging $1,600 weekly from the sales from our farm store and the weekly orders we get from the two restaurants we work with. By adding more cows we will be able to produce more milk and in return more cheese. Both restaurants have asked for more and we are limited right now due to milk production. The money produced by adding more cows will pay the loan.

Have you borrowed money before? How much did you borrow? From where? How long was the term? Is there a balance still due on that loan? Yes. I have two personal loans from family friends. The first one was for $6k and there is $1,500 left to pay off. The other is a $8k loan to pay for our farm store we opened this past September. There is $7k left to pay off. Both loans are for 5 years.

Do you have people who would vouch for your credit worthiness? Who are they?
Angela and Jay Friedman
Tom Davis
Beth Sisk
These are family friends.

Tell us about your business background. Have you been in business before?
This fall will be our 8th year in business. Prior to that I have not owned any other business.

How much money do you need to borrow to make your project work? How long do you think you would need to pay that back?
[Please contact Carol or Ashley for this information.]

Are there other lenders involved in your project or business?: Yes.
Jay and Angela Friedman
Tom Davis
What is your timeline for this project? Would you like it to start in a month? 6 months? A year?
We would like to be able to purchase more cows as soon as possible