Lender Information Form

Welcome to Slow Money NC and thank you for your interest in making a Slow Money NC loan.
These are primarily direct, peer-to-peer, low-interest loans, that are transacted by people who know one another.

That means that once we get your information (below) we’ll give you a call and we can discuss the farmers and other food entrepreneurs who have projects that might need funding in your area. You decide which ones interest you, who you would like to meet with and get to know, and whose ideas you wish to discuss further. You decide if you wish to make a loan, and work out the terms with the farmer or food maker (see below.)

Our mission is to catalyze financial support to the real people who live and work in places we know and care about. Our goal is to get low-interest loans to farmers and food businesses who are enhancing soil fertility and increasing access to good quality local food.

This direct connection–between people who want to make a difference and the fine people who are working to make that happen – is what makes Slow Money something special.

Please fill in the boxes below to let us know you would like to consider making a loan.   The ‘pledge’ is not a commitment of any kind, just an expression of your interest in discussing this further.

This form goes only to the Slow Money NC Staff, and your information is kept confidential, until you wish it to be shared.

Slow Money NC Disclaimer – the important not so small print….
Slow Money events are not an offer to sell securities nor a solicitation of an offer to buy securities. Slow Money NC does not give investment advice, endorsement, analysis or recommendations with respect to any securities and is not a broker, venture fund or an investment advisor.

Also: While some of these loans may be secured by collateral, many are not. Slow Money loans are personal loans and definitely carry a level of risk. Legal fees to address defaults can be expensive…. While our default rate is extremely low, Slow Money needs to be money that you can afford to lose!

We are happy to discuss all this in detail with you as well. You can reach us here.

Lender Information Form:

By submitting this form, I certify that I would like to discuss the possibility of making a loan to a food entrepreneur in my local foodshed. This would be a direct peer-to-peer loan, using a Promissory Note between me, the lender, and the entrepreneur/borrower.

The Slow Money NC team will contact me to discuss this further. Any loans that I decide to make are entirely at my own discretion.  I understand this money will be lent to individuals and enterprises that can fail, and that there is a chance this money will not be returned to me.

I realize that these are meant to be affordable loans, and the interest rate will be negotiated between the lender and borrower, typically between 0% and 4% depending on the size and term of the loan. While their are no fees for making or receiving Slow Money loans, as a non-profit enterprise, Slow Money NC welcomes donations so that they may continue to run this project.

I have read and agree with the Slow Money Principles, and I am committed to the mission of the Slow Money NC Project.

This money is discretionary, and I want to see it invested in my community.

Please feel free to let us know if you have any questions. Thanks again.

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